Skater of the Month – Wheelameana Strikesfear

September 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017 all-day America/Chicago Timezone


Photography credit:  Mark Alonzo

Skater name: Wheelameana Strikesfear

Skater number: 26

Position: Jammer

Years Played: 6.5

How did you get into derby?: Tara U. Hedov used to work with me and saw that I joked about joining derby on Facebook. When she joined, she invited me to a game a suggested that I join. It took awhile, but I finally decided to do it.

How did you select your name?: I majored in theatre in college with a focus on playwriting. I was in quite a few Shakespearean plays and I admire William Shakespeare as a playwright. I decided to choose to put a fierce, feminine, and skating spin on his name. My number was Act 2 Scene 6 back when we could include letters with our numbers.

What is your day job?: I am a middle school theatre teacher and I teach spin 3 days a week at the crack of dawn

Worst derby injury?: I broke my fibula and fractured my ankle almost 3 years ago.

Tunes that get you pumped on bout day: Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” & Skylar Grey’s “Wreak Havoc”

Any current derby crushes?: I don’t hit and tell!

Most rewarding derby experience so far: My most rewarding derby experience so far was advancing to the scrimmage portion of the Team Texas tryouts and getting to scrimmage with and against some awesome skating talent.

Favorite food: Currently, I am addicted to cod!

Advice for new skaters?: Go to practice, keep a positive attitude, and never give up! Don’t compare your growth to others. Always strive to improve upon your current skills and work on your weaknesses.

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