Skater of the Month – Primeval

October 1, 2017 – October 31, 2017 all-day America/Chicago Timezone


Photography credit:  Rudy Holt

Skater Name: Primeval Wise

Skater number: 213

Position: Blocker all day, Jammer when they make me

Years Played: Almost 4

How did you get into derby: A friend/old coworker invited me to DDD champs, then invited me to try out. At the time I was looking for some type of team sport so it was perfect.

How did you select your name: First of all, it wasn’t on Two Evils (back when that still mattered). But also, I feel like the word has a very raw, powerful feel to it. Like a saber-tooth tiger. It makes me feel strong.

What is your day job: Underwriter at a mortgage company

Worst derby injury: Deep bone bruise on my left knee at MWDF 2016, still don’t have full feeling in that knee.

Tunes that get you pumped on bout day: I actually don’t listen to anything special on bout day, too busy getting everything ready!

Any current derby crushes: Scald Eagle of course, but also after this last D1 in Dallas I’m digging on Sarah Chambers of VRDL

Most rewarding derby experience so far: All 3 years as finance PC for the league. This league has been my baby, my heart and soul for a long time. I couldn’t have asked for a better league, and have appreciated the trust everyone has put in me over my time on the AC board.

Favorite food: Every? All? I can’t pick.

Advice for new skaters: This is possibly the hardest thing you’ll ever do. The mental, physical, emotional challenges may seem like too much. Keep pushing. You are stronger than you know, and hopefully the ladies in this league will help you to realize just how strong you are, how strong you can become.

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