Skater of the Month – Ajent Orange

May 1, 2017 – May 31, 2017 all-day America/Chicago Timezone


Photo credit: Rudi Holt

Skater name: Ajent Orange
Skater number: 1961
Position: Jammer
Years Played: 1 1/2
How did you get into derby? I was looking for something competitive to do that was challenging and different than “gym time.” I went to the July 2015 bout and loved it! Signed up the next month
How did you select your name? My dad is a Vietnam Vet and when I was a kid, he had a little boat with a CB radio. He said “Hey, kid, your CB name is Agent Orange.” I changed the “g” to “j” because of my non-derby name.
What is your day job? Graphic Designer
Worst derby injury? Fibula fracture. Still on the mend but currently plotting my return!
Tunes that get you pumped on bout day: My teammate Arson Daly posts cool hype videos. These are always awesome to watch! During the day of a bout, I try to keep it chill to mentally prepare and stay calm. But during or before, they give me high energy. Think Beastie Boys, Range Against The Machine, maybe even some hard core rap.
Any current derby crushes? Too many fierce ladies to choose from!
Most rewarding derby experience so far: December 2016 Mashup playing for the Cougars, I was the only player that is normally a jammer. I received the MVP jammer award that night!
Favorite food: Favorite splurge foods: Cheeseburger…with a fried egg on top, almost anything chocolate. I would mention favorite healthy foods, but no one wants to hear about that!
Advice for new skaters? Go for it. Get uncomfortable. Try all the things. You will surprise yourself with what you can do. Your body can do way more than you think.

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