When to get there:

●  Come when the Doors are scheduled to open.
●  Bout 1 starts at whistle time.
●  Bout 2 starts after Bout 1 has ended.


Where the action happens:
Thunderbird Roller Rink
3200 Thunderbird Ln.
Plano, TX 75075


Map of 3200 Thunderbird Ln, Plano, TX 75075



All our bouts are BYOB (no glass please).
Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are available at the concession stand.


BYOC (chair). We ask that all chairs are set up behind the second line of caution tape. If you really want to get close to the action, the area between the caution tape is floor seating only. Beware though, the floor area is called Crash-Zone Seating for a reason. We like to skate fast and hit hard, and sometimes you might unexpectedly end up with a roller girl in your lap at this location.



Kids at the Bout
We love having kids at the bout! Many of our skaters are moms themselves. Children 10 and under are free EXCEPT for special events.
Roller derby is full contact sport. Our rink is small. Please help keep your children safe by sitting in the second row of chairs behind the caution tape. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to sit on the floor. We like to skate fast and hit hard and sometimes we end up in the crowd accidentally.


Meet the Skaters
We love our fans!! Bring posters! Cheer loudly and often! Also, feel free to ask questions, we love to talk derby. We are happy to take pictures with you and sign autographs.


How does derby work?
We’ll give you a quick demo jam before the first game, but you can also check out our Derby 101 here.